A helping hand

We know our way around music. That’s a fact. We’ll gladly handle the audio part of your project whether you need a hand with clearing, thorough licensing of music, finding music on Indie4Commercials that fits your project or something else entirely. We’ll also help you find well known commercial music that’s not only possible to clear within a certain budget and time frame, but also matches the symbolism, visuals and story of your project. Using a No Angel music supervisor means a couple of things. Firstly, a No Angel supervisor will save you a lot of time finding and handling relevant music. Secondly, you’ll always be sure that your music is handled correctly and that all traditional copyright pittfalls are effectively eradicated.

You can contact one of our music supervisors below.


Patricio Fraile

Contact Patricio :


+45 32 64 30 16

Other services

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