No Angel Records signs Avoid Dave

86D3F6F6B16D4C75CF58871A1C9AA88EFFDC90C7AA9FF26AAA2FCDD2602AA249We’re happy to announce that we’ve signed the Estonian electronic songwriter Taavi Paomets, also known as the artist Avoid Dave. Avoid Dave started playing live in 2013 after giving in to the pressure from his fans. He brought a group together in just one week and shortly after they released their first EP “Erasing Frames”. The following live concerts increased his fanbase dramatically. In 2015 he released the full LP “Insert Title” and he’s currently working on “Dope”, which is one of the most anticipated albums in Estonia. His music is timeless, soulful, groovy and refined.

You can watch the official video for “Dope” below.

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