Anders Ladegaard rises on iTunes after
TV placement

Launching a new band, or a new song, is best done through TV and film. That’s how they do it in the U.S. and that’s how we’ve decided to do it.

”Home”, a song by our Danish singer-songwriter Anders Ladegaard, was licensed for the Russian hit TV show ”The Policeman of Rublyovka” last week. The episode aired during prime time on the Russian television channel TNT on June 1st.

On the following day, ”Home” reached 69th place on iTunes in Russia surpassing artists such as Ed Sheeran and Sean Paul.


During the next five days, the song’s views on YouTube grew by 18.658% compared to the previous month. Shares and likes grew by approximately 100%. The traffic came from Russia predominantly, but the song was also streamed by viewers from CIS states such as Georgia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

The Policeman of Rublyovka | Season 2 | Episode 8: “Home” at around the 42:00 mark. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve successfully placed Anders’ music in a TV show. In 2014 and ’15, several of his songs from the albums ”Home” and ”Small Collisions” featured in the Polish medical drama ”Lekarze” which, among other things, earned him a trip to Warsaw where he performed live at one of the local venues and on Poland’s biggest morning TV show.

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